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That Old Retro Store
Specializing In Re-Surrounding Home Audio Speakers

That Old Retro Store
Specializes in Speaker Repair Re-surround, Re-Foam, Re-Edge....

After 10-15 years of enjoying the sounds of your favorite speakers...sometimes they will start to sound distorted or you may hear buzzing and/or popping...

That Old Retro Store can repair your speakers by replacing the foam surround and they will sound exactly like they did when they were brand new!

Standard Speaker Size Re-surround Rates
6" Speaker $65.00 each plus GST
8" Speaker $70.00 each plus GST
10" Speaker $75.00 each plus GST
12" Speaker $80.00 each plus GST
15" Speaker $95.00 each plus GST

Tannoy & 15" JBL Speaker Re-surrounds - Call For Pricing

The Above Prices Do Not Include Removal Of Speakers From Cabinets...We Prefer That Speakers Are Removed From Cabinets.