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Speaker Repair Re-surround, Re-Foam, Re-Edge....

After 10-15 years of enjoying the sounds of your favorite speakers...sometimes they will start to sound distorted or you may hear buzzing and/or popping...

That Old Retro Store can repair your speakers by replacing the foam surround and they will sound exactly like they did when they were brand new! Price List Below.


Speaker Size
6" speaker
$50.00 or 2 for $90.00
8" speaker
$60.00 or 2 for $110.00
10" speaker
$70.00 or 2 for $130.00
12" speaker
$80.00 or 2 for $150.00
15" speaker
$90.00 or 2 for $170.00
Bose 901 speaker
$199.00 each

* Prices DO NOT include cabinet labor * Prices based on foam surrounds - Rubber butyl surrounds may be higher.

**All Above Prices Are Canadian Dollars. Applicable taxes, shipping and handling charges are extra