1314 A - 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta
Email - sales@thatoldretrostore.com
Phone - 587-475-1300

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Welcome To That Old Retro Store
Buying, Selling & Repairing Vintage Stereo Equipment & Vinyl

NOW OPEN! Join Us At Our New Location
1314 A - 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta - Next Door To Spolumbo's!

That Old Retro Store is always looking for Receivers from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.
If you have a retro receiver that you'd like to part with, Email Us or use the convenient online form to submit your equipment for sale.
Please have an asking price in mind (it saves time for you and us). Note that we often go by book value, or current trend value when determining prices.

Buying, Selling & Trading many brands including, but not limited to, Marantz, Technics, Yamaha, NAD, Rotel, Harman Kardon, Luxman, JVC, Luxman, Pioneer.
That Old Retro Store Is Currently Updating Website...Check Back Soon To Our See New & Exciting Lineup